Monday, December 21, 2009

Help me decide.

I am seriously considering abandoning Chocolate Ferrari and moving permanently to my other blog. It's hard to maintain 3 blog accounts and I've really been keeping this blog just for sentimental reasons. (I've had it since 2007 and I like the photo-quote-post on black background format.)

So, what do you think?


tomato cafe said...

i say keep it. :) mag cross post na lang.

leia said...

But I don't like to cross post. Haha.

diwanggising said...

I say whatever happens, don't delete it.

Hm. How separate are the functions of these blogs, precisely? If they overlap too much, you can let one sleep, I suppose.

joyce said...

stay. or go to haha. i'm still keeping my blogspot. also for sentimental reasons. (tears)

leia said...

@diwanggising -- I won't delete it for sure. I never do.

@Joyce -- wordpress ako. Haha. Darn sentimental value.